Bridesmaid Dresses for Fall 2016

Fall is upon us! Which also means that fall weddings are quickly approaching! This calls for the beautiful fall colors of dark purples, navy blue, emerald green, etc. Bridesmaid dresses are so important for a wedding party because they set the tone of the whole color scheme of the wedding. We have found some amazing bridesmaid dresses for fall 2016!

Always remember that you can have your bridesmaids wear the exact same dress, different styles of the same color dress, or varying colors/styles that flow together. Whatever you choose, just make sure all of your bridesmaids are comfortable in what they are wearing.

  1. These Beautiful long Maroon dresses!

2. This Dusty Blue color can work for winter or fall!


3. Mixed and Matched Lavenders

4. Classy Emerald Green!

5. Navy Blue (which can work for winter weddings too)

6. Gold!! (for all my sparkly friends)


Comment and share your favorite bridesmaid dresses below!

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