Brunch Weddings!

When people think of weddings they tend to think of the traditional late afternoon ceremony and a dinner reception that goes into the night. When planning your wedding don’t forget that this isn’t the only option! If you are trying to throw a wedding on a budget having a morning wedding might be the way to go. What better way to celebrate tying the knot then a delicious brunch with all of your friends and family! Having a reception centered around brunch is the perfect way to cut your food budget from expensive chicken and steak to good old fashioned pancakes and waffles.

There are so many cute ways to decorate a morning wedding on a budget! You can set up things like coffee and tea bars for your guests to enjoy as you take photos! Bringing your Keurig from home is a super easy way to safe some pennies! Another cute decoration idea is having a newspaper wedding program filled with everything from a bio on all the members of the wedding party to a crossword puzzle about the bride and groom that guests can do while photos are being taken!

Morning weddings tend to be less formal than evening weddings which allows you to be flexible for how formal or informal you want your wedding party to dress!

A doughnut cake is perfect for a brunch wedding and it will also save you money!

A mimos bar is a perfect alternative to having an open bar when you are planning a wedding on a budget!

Orange juice and mini champagne bottles are the perfect “thank you” for a brunch wedding!


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