Catering with a Twist

Just as the name would suggest, “Catering with a Twist”, is much more than just a catering company. Thoroughly embracing the creative aspect of everything they do, this company exceeds any typical expectations in their food, attire, and magnificent food displays. Whether you are looking for a Hungarian-Russian Fusion menu, would prefer an authentic Indian affair, want your servers dressed as cigarette girls or if your heart is set on a full blown 80’s themed dance party, Catering with a Twist can deliver.

Catering with a Twist
, located in Texas, is based on 1950’s old fashioned heart and honesty; putting customer’s and their big day expectations first and foremost.

Their desire to think outside the box is apparent in their work. Team members embrace the creative and artistic aspect of all things catering and use that knowledge to bring an added flair and attention to detail to your reception. This approach is evident in their choice of the phrase “Food Display” over the usual buffet. Rather than simply presenting a delicious meal to your guests, Catering with a Twist, will truly bring your meal to life.

A feature that we love about his company is their use of Pinterest to help organize the theme, color scheme and environment you wish to create on your big day. Allowing them to put their artistic minds to the catering design of the event. By using Pinterest, they can truly communicate with couples to understand your theme and design. Not to mention it is such an easy and convenient way to share your ideas!

One last thing that we love is that Catering with a Twist, employs an amazing in-house wedding planner in order to help your day run more smoothly! Since so much of the ambiance and many of the displays at your event will come from Catering with a Twist, it is genius to have a wedding planner on the same team! And that is where Beth Bennett (pictured on left) comes in. While closely working with the catering team, she can ensure that every aspect of your big day is coordinated and cohesive! We love it and now I’m off to eat a snack – these amazing food photos have made me very hungry! Check out Catering with a Twist’s website for even more mouth-watering images and on Facebook too.

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