Classy Wedding Garters

The Garter ceremony has been one of the most longstanding American Wedding traditions. Originally the removal of the garter from the bride by the groom was seen as a good luck for the marriage. Now, it has turned into a must of tradition for most American weddings. The removal of wedding garters goes hand and hang with the tossing of the flower bouquet. After the groom removes the garter, he throw it behind is back to all the unmarried men in attendance. Superstition says that whichever man catches it will be the next groom!

Similarly, whichever women catches the bouquet the bride throws behind her is believed to be the next bride! Although these are superstitions that have now led to an American tradition, they are still a fun addition to each wedding!

After both bride and groom have done their respective ceremonies, the “winners” of each traditionally share a dance!

We have some beautiful and classy wedding garters that are perfect for any bride and garter ceremony.








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