Custom Wedding Shoes!

We’ve talked a lot about the different types of wedding shoes that are out there. You can do heels, flats, converse. Whatever shoe is most comfortable for you! However, our latest find is actually something really special. Custom wedding shoes are the perfect way to make your shoes perfect for you. A lot of people end up selling their wedding dress, and having these special shoes would be the perfect keepsake for any bride. You can customize them in your favorite colors, or go with the colors of the wedding. A lot of designs say either the date of the wedding, “Mr. & Mrs.”, date of anniversary, or a combination of those! They are really a fun way to design a unique and fun aspect to your wedding attire.

Here are some examples!

Many of these shoes are hand painted by artist Deborah Thomson. Check out her website for more custom wedding shoes here.

What would you write on your wedding shoes? Comment and share below!

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