Cute Wedding Balloon Pictures

Photo from One Wed

Up, up, and away! Balloons aren’t just for birthdays! They’re a favorite wedding decor which brightens up a room and brings smiles to faces. But they also make awesome photo props adding visual interest, especially with so many vibrant colors and fun shapes to choose from. Wedding photos are way more fun when you’re holding helium-filled props. Take your pick, because we’ve gathered some cute balloons!


1. Solid Color Balloons

A set of solid color balloons all in one color is quite beautiful. Below is a bundle of elegant white balloons which match the sea and sky setting.

Photo from One Wed

2. Rainbow Sets

A cluster of coordinating colors is so colorful! Choose colors that complement your wedding theme or go for a rainbow.

Photo from W Scott Chester Blog

3. Jumbo Balloons

There’s small balloons and then there’s big balloons. Jumbo balloons are totally eye catching and make perfectly round circles which reminds us of lollipops!

Photo from Burnett's Board

4. Tassel Decor

Roll up your sleeves and get to DIYing! Decorate your decor with tassels made from ribbons – just like a long tail.


Photo from Brighton the Day

5. Lovely Hearts

Your wedding is the big day of love, after all. Lovely heart balloons are so acceptable, and so adorable in pictures.

Photo from Flickr - Grote Ballonnen

6. Shiny Mylar

Shiny Mylar balloons are making a big comeback! Get a pair in your initials or get four balloons that spell out, “LOVE.” We love, love.

Photo from Grey Likes Weddings

Balloons make great inexpensive wedding decor, and they also make for fun photo props. We love all the cheery colors and shapes they come in. Blow up a bundle of balloons all in one color or a rainbow of colors. Then fill up a few fun shapes like jumbo size and hearts. What style of balloons do you like?

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