Day-Of Emergency Wedding Kit

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You never know when you’re going to need a random tool or a quick touch up before walking down the aisle, and forgetting any miscellaneous items at home just won’t cut it. Consider having your bridal party create a day-of emergency wedding kit for any instance that may occur during your big day!

  1. Mini Sewing Kit
  2. Aspirin
  3. Matches- for sealing the hem of a fraying ribbon
  4. Case- you never know!
  5. Breath mints
  6. Bottles of water
  7. Quick snacks
  8. Straws- so the bride can drink without ruining her lipstick
  9. Oil absorbing pads
  10. Sunscreen- if your wedding is outdoors
  11. Extra earring backs- you never know when one of those is bound to go missing
  12. Bandaids- for blisters
  13. Deodorant- chances are if you don’t need it, someone else will
  14. Tampons/ Pads
  15. Chalk- to cover up any blunders on the gown
  16. Stain remover pen
  17. Hairspray
  18. Any touch up makeup
  19. Extension cords/ Phone chargers
  20. Safety pins
  21. Razors
  22. Tissues
  23. Baby powder
  24. Tweezers
  25. Alcohol- if all else fails, a little liquid courage should do the trick

If you decide you want to buy a day-of emergency wedding kit, instead of making your own, we love the Shemergency kit by Pinch Provisions. They create the kit for you, and everything is travel-sized! Perfect for taking on your honeymoon!

Photo Credit: Pinch Perfect

Photo Credit: Pinch Provisions


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