Day of the Dead Wedding

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Celebrate Mexico’s big holiday with a Day of the Dead wedding! In many other cultures, similar holidays are celebrated in remembrance of ancestors which include delicious food and beautiful decorations. The Day of the Dead is a happy celebration featuring vibrant colors and trendy skull decor which are known to bring luck. Throwing a huge Day of the Dead wedding will bring greater luck for you and all your guests. Here are a few ideas for a Day of the Dead wedding theme.

1. Save the Date

Red and black are traditional Day of the Dead colors often seen in the decor. They make wonderful colors for “Save the Date” cards or wedding invitations.

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2. Message Tree

Although the Day of the Dead tree is traditionally used for hanging pictures to remember our ancestors,  it also works as a message tree. Guests can write you lovely notes and hang them on the tree.

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3. Table Decor

Decorate with gorgeous colors of the rainbow like blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, and green. A rainbow table runner and hand-painted skulls are fun and festive decor.

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4. Vibrant Bouquet

Bring the same vibrant colors for a lovely wedding bouquet. Deep, rich colors like fuchsia, violet, and marigold, are gorgeous for fall weddings.

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5. Wedding Cake

Top your wedding cake with handmade skeletons. A skeleton bride and groom is a funky cake topper for a Day of the Dead wedding.

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6. Fun Bubbles

Send your guests home with a bit of luck. Day of the Dead decorated bubbles are great fun, and a unique alternative to the rice toss.

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The Day of the Dead is a huge tradition honoring ancestors. It’s a happy celebration bringing together people to remember our loved ones. Gorgeous, vibrant colors make wonderful invitations and decor. How would you celebrate a Day of the Dead wedding?

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