De-Stressing During Wedding Planning

Stress. It’s inevitable while you’re planning a wedding. I didn’t think Jack and I would argue over silly things like where we’d get our cake or time management during the weekends, but we have… and it’s okay as long as we come to our senses and figure out a way to forgive and move forward. After all, that’s an important part of being in a relationship.

Photo by: Teresa from Memories N More

We’re about 75 days until our wedding and it seems that once you pass that 100-day mark, stress elevates and patience shortens. Whether it’s yoga or chanting, everyone has a way to de-stress. I have a few, but my favorite would have to be listening to NPR’s Radio Lab.

Jad Abumrad, Robert Krulwich and a team of very talented staff, produce this amazing, mind-filling podcast that basically hypnotizes me into deep thought. Subject matter ranges from what happens after death to how we view colors. It not only relaxes me, but it helps put things into perspective… something we all need now and then. I wanted to share my stress reliever to all you brides-to-be in hopes that it can help you relax too. This specific podcast I’m sharing is conveniently titled, “Stress.” It’s an hour of a long hard look at your body’s system for getting out of trouble… although it sounds more like science class, I assure you that you will walk away realizing how important stress is and how not important the color of your groomsmen’s ties are. Click here to listen.

Until my next wedding planning adventure!

– Gabi

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