Diamond Engagement Rings – How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

Yes, yes, I know today is the Royal Wedding (and Kate…err Catherine now, did look amazing!) but after hours of TV coverage and Kate and William splashed all over the Internet I thought it would be refreshing to talk about something else. And what else is almost as fun to look at but diamond rings!

Jeff from Modern Design Inc. was kind enough to send us a guest blog post on the in’s and out’s of buying an engagement ring. Read on to learn more about getting the best bang for your buck, which we love doing at BravoBride!

This stunning ring would definitely turn heads.

Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for diamond engagement rings or a diamond wedding ring it can be difficult to figure out where to go. From the initial research of exactly what a diamond is, how to tell the quality of the diamond, the differences between different metals, and deciding whether you’re looking to buy on the Internet or at your local jeweler, the choices can be overwhelming.

When shopping around, the term “you get what you pay for” typically applies. The difference of a couple thousand dollars can make a HUGE difference in what you get with the quality of a diamond engagement ring and diamond. At the same time, looking at two different jewelers, the same price can also get you a very different ring and diamond for the same price.

You can break down most retailers into a couple categories:

This unique ring is offered for $3,700 less than retail price.

1. Big chain stores – These are typically jewelers that reside in most large shopping malls and prices here are basically the highest you can pay – full retail price with salespeople moderately knowledgeable on what they’re selling and their salary based largely on selling you the most expensive ring you can afford.

2. Large Internet “jewelers” that compete largely on price – these companies typically have most of their designs and rings manufactured overseas to cut down on costs. Most designs are relatively generic and quality is typically lower as well as having little room to customize your design. It can also be difficult since you can’t actually see the ring/diamond you’ll be buying in person.

3. Independent local jewelers/manufacturers – Most jewelry manufacturers do not sell directly to the public. However with the rising need for them to compete with Internet-based companies, it’s become necessary for manufacturers to start selling directly to the public, at prices previously unheard of. Many of these companies, custom manufacturer all their designs in the USA, and give you both more freedom in what you want as well as more “bang for your buck” – since they often would have previously sold to the “big chain stores”.

This engagement ring has 2 1/4 carat total weight of diamonds and is on sale.

The question is where can you find these independent manufacturers turned retailers? The payoff is pretty significant, with the ability to save upwards of 40% from retail prices, while getting the same quality, it’s well worth it.

Modern Design Inc. is one of these companies, who is a manufacturer and wholesaler of custom diamond jewelry based in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District. All of their jewelry is made in the USA and they have wholesaled their fine line of jewelry to retail stores out of state since 1978, now offering their line directly to the public at the same wholesale prices. Check out their website, where you’ll find a range of engagement rings, wedding rings and diamond jewelry.

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    These rings are so pretty! Maybe the hubby will upgrade mine one day!

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  3. “you get what you pay for” – So True!

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