DIY: Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Interested in having a DIY aspect in your wedding? Creating your own bouquets, not only for the bride, but also for the bridesmaids, is one of the easiest, eco-friendliest, and funnest ways to add a personal flare to your big day.

Supplies Needed:

– Flowers (available from a local grocery store, Saturday Market’s, a flower market)

– Floral shears

– Floral tape

– Bouquet pins

– Bouquet wrap of your choice (ribbon, twine, lace, etc.)


– Remove all foliage from the flowers and cut all stems to equal lengths (10-14 inches)

– Start with 3-4 flowers to act as the base of your bouquet, wrap floral tape down and around this small bunch, making sure to leave about one inch of visible stem at the top, and 4-5 inches exposed at the bottom.

– Start building up your bouquet in volume by slowly adding flowers around the base that you have already built. Position these flowers however you would like to, mixing textures and colors as you please while also taking into consideration the size of the overall bouquet.

– As you add layers of flowers, continuously wrap them with more floral tape while applying the same taping rule that you had at your base.

– Once you are satisfied with the size and look of your bouquet, wrap the bouquet as a whole, still leaving one inch of space at the top, and now leaving anywhere from 0-4 inches exposed at the bottom.

– Accent the floral tape with your choice of a bouquet wrap.

– Once all of the floral tape has been covered, pin the bouquet wrap at the base to secure.

DIY bouquets can be as unique as you would like them to be, the differences in colors and textures will help add a personal touch to your big day while also cutting a lot of money from what you would have spent on purchasing bouquets from a floral shop. Just remember, have fun!


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