DIY Wedding Hair Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaids

Opting to DIY hairstyles for not just the bridesmaids, but also the bride, on the big day has quickly become a new economical friendly trend in the wedding industry. With a multitude of options to do on your own, finding ideas and how-to’s online has become easier than ever.


wedding updo

Photo Credit: Buzz and Lola

Twisting a wrapping different sections of your hair into a spiraled bun is a quick and easy way to keep your hair off of you neck, allowing guests (and the groom!) to see your stunning face and any accessories that accompany your look.


wedding halfup

Photo Credit: Deer Pearl Flower

Following this quick and easy how-to guide is a stunning way to keep your hair back from your face, while at the same time incorporating pretty curls and twists.


wedding braid

Photo Credit: OnceWed

This braid amps up the typical stigma associated with the simplicity of braids. By adding different layers and additional strands, you can easily dress up any braid with an Elsa-like feel.

All Down:

wedding down

Photo Credit: Grey likes Weddings

The traditional finger-wave trend is a timeless look for any wedding or large event. Through the use of hair products and clips, you can re-create this look in no time.

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