Do’s and Don’t of Wedding Planning

Photo Credit: Hello May

Photo Credit: Hello May

Wedding planning is always accompanied by stress, lots of time, money, and work. For everyone. When planning a wedding, there are a multitude of things that you should and should not do in preparation for your walk down the aisle.

Don’t Be a Bridezilla

Just because this is your special day, it does not mean that you can walk all over everyone who is helping you. Yes, it is alright to cry a little bit and to be stressed out a lot. But it is never OK to take out your stress and your tears on your bridal party and/or family.

Do Accept Any Offers of Help

Always say yes! Even if you’re not sure what else there is to do, even giving the smallest task to anyone offering to help will alleviate a little off your planning plate.

Don’t Plan Your Wedding at a Difficult Destination

The last thing you want on your big day is to be on the phone with the majority of your guests giving directions. Or worse, people will be either late, or opt to not show up at all because they can’t find your venue!

Do Let Your Parents Invite Some of Their Own Friends

Whether you realize it or not, your parents friends have been around you longer than you may remember. Some of them probably even helped raise you!

Don’t Forget About Your Fiancé

This is his big day too, it’s not ALL about the bride!!

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