Do’s and Don’t’s of Wedding Invitation Wording


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When the time comes to address and send out individual invitations for your wedding, there are a few rules associated with wording and grammar.


Wedding invitations are usually issued by the host(s) and are spelled out including the middle names and titles.

Titles like Mr. and Mrs. are not spelled out, but Doctor is. Names should also fit on one line.

If hosting the ceremony within their home, the phrase “The honour of your presence” is used.

When a bride shares her last name with the hosts, only her first and middle name are used.

The groom’s full name is spelled out, and is preceded by a title.


Time and Date of Event:

The date is spelled out, as is the year. There is no “and” in the spelling of the year.

The day of the week along with the month is capitalized, but the year is never capitalized.

Do not use phrases like, “in the after noon” or “in the evening.”

Provide the city and the state on the invitation, the state is usually spelled out.


The R.S.V.P. section has a lot of flexibility, almost all variations are correct. Along with “The favour of a reply is requested.”

R.S.V.P. is only used when the invitation is extended to the reception, not on a wedding-only invitation.

The R.S.V.P. implies a response to the provided return address within the invitation.


Don’t mention gifts or wedding attire within an invitation.

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