Easter Weddings – Pastels, Eggs and Everything in Between

If you’re planning an Easter wedding we have some unique ideas that will make your event a bright, fun and whimsical experience and will leave guests feeling as much in love with the occasion as you are with your spouse.

Pastel colors are essential when creating a cohesive Easter wedding theme. Pale pinks, yellows, greens, purples and blues all work together in a very bright, springy and festive way. These table settings are perfect example of how to incorporate different textures and different linens into creating a setting that is appropriate for a fun Easter holiday but elegant enough for a wedding reception.


We love tulips for their beauty and simplicity. They are a must-have for any wedding event in the spring but especially around the Easter holiday. Tulips come in a variation of colors and pastel shades will bring in the cohesiveness of the Easter theme.

The beauty of any wedding lies in the details and bunnies are very easily associated with the Easter holiday in a non-religious sense. Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on how to pull napkins in the shape of bunny ears. This is a fun yet elegant way to bring your theme into something as simple as your place settings.

Everyone loves sweets and these delicious mini cakes are sure to leave your guests feeling the spring and Easter spirit. Completely edible and designed to perfection, these yummy cakes are available through the Marion’s Vintage Bakery and are sure to impress your guests.

Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt but with these place markers, the only thing your guests will be hunting for is their seats. Incorporating the idea of speckled eggs and bird’s nests into your seating chart and plans could put your wedding completely over the top in a very memorable way.

Another way to successfully incorporate Easter with a bit of sophistication and whimsy is to include hand dipped eggs in the base of a beautiful pastel-based centerpiece. Using eggs as filler will draw the eye to the centerpieces and will continue to contribute to the cohesiveness of your Easter wedding.

We love the idea of bringing different shades of pastel colors into the attire worn by the wedding party. Easter eggs are often times died in multiple pastel colors and what better way to incorporate the ideas of Easter then to adorn your bridesmaids each with a color of their own. This is a fun way for each bridesmaid to feel unique while staying in your theme.

We love this beautiful centerpiece. Easter is a very true to season spring holiday and what better way to highlight all of the beautiful fresh blooming spring flowers like daffodils and tulips then to envelop them in beautifully preserved twigs. A centerpiece like this is bound to stay in the memory of your guests for years to come.

Sweet treats are a must at any wedding reception regardless of season or theme. Macaroons are always a great option because they can be customized any color scheme and are a light and elegant treat naturally fitting for a wedding or reception.

Easter egg cookies are another way of simply adding to the cohesiveness of your theme. Not only will the sugar cookies be delightfully delicious, they are a gorgeous focal point and will undoubtedly spark conversation among your guests. These tasty treats are available through LorisPlace and are very affordable

These small details are essential and ribbons like this are a way to marry the ideas of an Easter and true love. You can get these twill ribbons from The Lonely Heart.

Whether you are preparing for your Easter nuptials this week or 52 weeks from now, the beauty of your event will lie in the details. From the flowers to the food, the place cards to the wedding party, your event is sure to be a beautiful once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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