Everything You Need to Know When Changing Your Name

Photo Credit: Refinery29

Photo Credit: Refinery29

After tying the knot, many newly weds opt to change their last name to match that of their significant others, when doing this there are a multitude of places where your last name must be changed and a long list of tips that should be kept in mind when making this change.

Prepare Yourself for a Long Process

Chances are, you’re going to be able to view your finished wedding album before receiving your new passport. Like all things that are worth it, pacing yourself and being as patient as possible is important. Preparing to wait in line at the DMV for a large chunk of time should also be expected. In order to make these changes go as smoothly as possible, keep an envelope of every important piece of mail you receive and are going to need in the future.

Have Official Copies of your Marriage Certificate Made

Because a multitude of offices and people are going to need to view your marriage certificate in order to make your name changes, ordering a few official copies of your certificate will save you time and the fear of losing your actual certificate.

Your New Signature Will Look Strange

Practice your new signature whenever you can! The first few times you sign with your new last name is going to be a struggle as well as look worse than you had hoped it would look. Take the time to practice, you’re going to be signing with this new name for a long time!


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