Fab Find: Lyrics on a Wedding Cake!

This week we came across such an amazing cake idea. We’ve talked about donut bars, cupcake cakes, and even just dessert bars with no cake. But this wedding cake idea is even better and is really great for people who want to have a traditional wedding cake with a fun twist! Our fabulous find is to have Lyrics on a Wedding Cake. They are absolutely beautiful. The lyrics can be from “your song”, a song you both love, or just a good love song!

It should also be known, that Lyrics aren’t the only fun things to print on your wedding cake. Another idea is to have your favorite quote! This could be a love quote, a religious quote, or even a funny quote. For smaller weddings, you could put the names of your guests in the background of the cake. Writing your vows on the cake is also a great idea. The options are endless on what words to put on your cake! No matter what, your guests will love the unique twist.

Here are some fun lyric and quote ideas to have a perfect (and unique) wedding cake!


photo by Live View Studios




photo by Aga Jones Photography


photo by We Are Origami Photography



Photo by Azelle Photography


photo by Fern Shin Fine Art Photography




Which cake is your favorite? Comment and share below!

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