Fab Finds: Statement Cake Toppers

Make a statement at your wedding, and do it on your wedding cake! We found some fabulous statement cake toppers from BetterOffWed on Etsy. These are standout cake toppers that will happily be handed down from generation to generation. There’s adorable sayings like “Better Together” and “We Do,” but there’s also other fun trendy statements as well. Go ahead and take a look!

1. Better Together

All of the BetterOffWed cake toppers are made from a laser-cut wood and fabric. They make wonderful cake decorations but are also great family heirlooms, wall adornments, and even a holiday tree ornament! How bout hanging this,”Better Together” on your first holiday tree?

2. For Like Ever

Uh, hello? A marriage is “For Like Ever” so say it like you mean it!

3. We Do

Do something interactive with your guests. Have them sign your guestbook then write on a designated on what they, “We Do.” For example, “We do want cake” or “We do like to dance!”


4. Love Birds

Even a simple little cake is fancier with a sign like, “Love Birds.” Simple, but sweet.


5. Best Day Ever

Oh, here’s a no brainer. Top off your cake with “Best Day Ever.”


6. Birch Mint Love Birds

Or you can make your own custom banner wedding cake topper. Come up with your own witty statement or just use your names.


Finish your wedding cake with a statement cake topper. Say it like you mean it – today is your big day and you’re extremely excited to be married! Whether you want to keep it simple with a trendy “Love Birds” or make it snappy with a “Best Day Ever,” these toppers are sure to delight. What do you want your cake to say?


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