Fab Finds: Work-of-Art Guestbooks

Why have a regular, ol boring wedding guestbook when you can have something beautiful! This week we stumbled upon some lovely guestbooks from Once Upon a Paper on Etsy. Owners Elena and Genu draw their inspiration from architecture, travel, and nature. They say that the birds and trees in their designs are ” two symbols of earth and flight, of rooted and freedom, of building and occupancy.” Take a glimpse at some of their wonderful designs.

1. Mint Craft

Once Upon a Paper’s signature guestbooks are fun ways to collect your wedding guests’ autographs. Every design is made with vibrant colors, where guests can sign on individual “orbs” such as the banners seen below in the “Mint Craft.”

2. Bird Crowd

Each guestbook can be customized with your names and wedding date. You also have the option of including event location, font type, and colors. The “Bird Crowd” design is made with complementing colors – pink and blue.

3. Chalkboard

These alternative guestbooks art great works of art. They look fabulous hung up on the wall, and can be your first piece of art as a newlywed couple.

4. Tree Love Birds

The simple tree love birds comes in so many different variations. The designs definitely look more like paintings than guestbooks!

5. Thumbprint Ready

You can even design your own! With the help of your guests, they can print their thumbprint to look like leaves on the branches of the trees. How neat is that?

6. World Map

And for the big wedding with guests from all over the world, this is the guestbook for you. Get a customized world map that your guests can sign or pin their origins.

Instead of the traditional guestbook, invest in alternative work-of-art. The beautiful guestbooks from Once Upon a Paper, double as a guestbook and a piece of are, and they’re are all available for purchase from Etsy. Which design is your favorite?

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