Fabulous Find – Cake Power

What’s even better than Fridays? Wedding cakes, of course! Our Fab Find this week is Cake Power and when you see their cakes you’ll agree- they’re pretty fabulous! Cake Power was founded by Kate Sullivan who combines her love of designing and painting with an infatuation for chocolate. Raised in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, Kate now lives and works in New York City. Kate learned her baking and decorating skills from books, and lots of trial and error. I bet her cakes taste just as good as they look.

unique wedding cakes

Decorated with Queen Anne's Lace, this vanilla cake is filled with pink buttercream and covered in fondant.

modern wedding cake

This is called the Motherwell Cake and we love the modern design. The dessert table is by Amy Atlas Events and the photo is from Gemma Comas.

The Acara Wedding Cake (image on left) was featured in In Style Weddings and the design is based on a Reem Acara gown. The cake on the right is called Super De-Luxe Calligraphy and is equally as gorgeous. Photos by Kirsten Strecker.

red velvet Wedding Cake

The Casablanca Wedding Cake (image on left) and Red Velvet cake (opposite) are truly stunning. Photos by Gabrielle Revere.

vintage wedding cake

We love the vintage style of these sweet cakes! The fun Jackpot Cake is pictured on left, photo by Gabrielle Revere. The Luv Birds Cake is noting short of lovely, photo by Holger Thoss.

Speaking of sweet these cakes are pretty adorable too. The Wedding Bells cake on the right was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings 15th anniversary issue. The Eyelet Patterns cake on the right is perfect for a summer wedding, photo by Andrew McCaul.

modern wedding cake

The Warhol Cake makes a bold and beautiful statement, photo by Michael Grand. The Mod Cake is ideal for a modern bride, photo by David Prince.


Monsoon Wedding Cake

The Frieda cake (pictured on left) is a lovely homage to artist, Frida Kahlo. Photo by Alexandra Grablewski. Our final cake is the amazing Monsoon Wedding Cake, photo by Gabrielle Revere.

We hope this Fab Find makes your Friday even sweeter. Until next week!

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