Fabulous Find – Ice Milk Aprons

Even if you don’t like to cook, these aprons might just inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen. Our Fabulous Find this week is Ice Milk Aprons, a gourmet line of heirloom aprons. Ice Milk Aprons was inspired by the owner’s grandmother, Cele. She was a masterful seamstress with a love for cooking and an art for entertaining. The aprons are beautiful, functional and make great bridesmaids gifts. As a matter of fact if you buy four for your bridal party you’ll receive a free waist apron for yourself. Now that’s a sweet deal. Take a look at their stylish options below.

This lovely Ice Milk Apron is called morning bun moments. It’s a full wrap apron in oatmeal with toast sash tie.

The vanilla churned sundays apron is full cream linen apron with thin licorice accents. Each apron can be custom monogrammed as well.

They also offer waist aprons. The whisked whipping cream apron is made of cream linen with oatmeal sash worn high.

It’s never too early to start baking! This sugar cone scoop child size apron is adorable.

Better yet, they offer a mother + daughter apron gift package. This would make a great gift for all the ladies in your life.

I think my favorite part might be their packaging. Each apron comes with its very own heirloom kit, perfectly preserved within a jam jar. The heirloom kits include a heritage tag for you to stitch your initials on and recipe cards.

If you need extra recipe cards, you can even buy a bundle of their blank cards printed on kraft paper. To view even more of what Ice Milk Aprons has to offer, please visit their website. Happy Friday and until next week’s Fab Find!

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