Fall 2017 Wedding Color Schemes

Fall is quickly approaching which means it is almost time for one of our favorite wedding seasons! With each season comes a unique set of color schemes. Lets take a look at what colors are become this seasons most popular!

First up is gray and navy! This color scheme gives a simple, clean, and traditional look! You can’t go wrong with this timeless color scheme! Have your brides wear beautiful dark navy dresses, but try having each dress a slightly different style to throw in a more modern feel! The groomsmen will look amazing in a clean grey tux with a navy tie, but have the groom rock a navy tux and grey tie to set him apart from the wedding part to ensure that you both are the focal point as you say “I do”!

Next up is Maroon, Orange, and Ivory! This color combo has more of vibrant feel while still providing a rustic vibe that many fall weddings have! Putting your bridesmaids in dark maroon dresses and your groomsmen in grey tuxes with maroon ties is a recipe for a flawless wedding party! Grey is the in color for men’s attire when it comes to weddings so embrace the modern feel as apposed to the traditional black for a one of a kind wedding!

Next is a color scheme that has a more soft and elegant yet rustic feel to it; Lite lavender, dark lavender, green, and ivory! This combo is so unique compared to the popular shades of red and blue for fall weddings! It will leave your guests in awe of your big day! This is a great opportunity to allow your bridesmaids to pick between a light lavender and a darker lavender for their dress so they look and feel their best!

Lastly we have one of the most popular colors for this season, Muvae and Gray! Mauve is this seasons hit color! With it having so many amazing shades you are left with limitless possibilities for your big day! Since there are so many shades this is the perfect opportunity to have all your bridesmaids wear a different shade of muave to give your wedding party a more modern feel!

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