Fall Apple Wedding

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It’s apple season! Apples come in many sorts with differences in taste, color and size. The refreshingly tasty and crisp fruit of the rose family is abundant and inexpensive this time of year. They make for wonderful wedding decor and makes a unique wedding theme. Grab your baskets and start picking your favorites!

1. Apple Decor

Make those shiny apples seen. They can be strung together on the back of chairs, set as table centerpieces, and placed in large vases.

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2. Down the Aisle

Though a wedding at an apple orchard would be wonderful, they can be quite far for some. Pot some apples to decorate your wedding aisle (plus, they won’t obstruct any one’s view of you).

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3. Hot Apple Cider

Make a couple of your own special drinks. Hot spiced apple cider served in apples is unique and eco-friendly.

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4. Apple Treats

Stock up on the apple pies, candied apples, and apple tarts. Your apple wedding requires a dessert table full of delightful apple treats.

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5. Wedding Cake

An apple-flavored wedding cake sounds mouth-wateringly delicious! But if you like a traditional white wedding cake, just plop on some mini apples.

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6. Unique Bouquet

For a really unique wedding bouquet, add a few cute little apples. Yellow-red apples are beautiful with autumn’s florals.

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The delicious and crisp apple is the fruit of the season. There are so many different kinds and gorgeous colors to incorporate into your wedding. With apples, use them to decorate your wedding aisle, serve drinks, and even make your wedding bouquet unique. What type of apples would you use for a fall wedding?

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