Fall Country Wedding Theme

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It’s time for some country lovin! Fall is coming, and we know you’re looking for some lovely autumn wedding ideas. While we’re thinking about apple picking and pumpkin-pie eating, we thought, “How bout a fall country wedding!” The change in the colors outdoors is absolutely gorgeous and makes a great setting for a country wedding theme. Ready to see some cute ideas? Giddy up!

1. Gussied-Up Rolled Hay

Gussy up a bail of hay with some sweet flowers. The first letter of your last name will get everyone’s attention! Then roll em up to wherever you want – on the road leading up to your event location or right at the check-in table.

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2. Wine Barrels

Wine barrels make great country wedding decor. Use them like tables to display flowers, set up delicious treats, or to decorate your wedding aisle.

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3. Good Ol’ Country Eats

Who needs steak and fish when you can do corn and lobster? Serve up your guests with good ol’ country eats that’ll truly leave em full and satisfied. You may be all dolled up but you can still get your grub on.

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4. Sweet Moonshine

Have a go at brewing up your own moonshine. Good for washing down that corn and lobster. And even better to send home your guests with as wedding favors.

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5. Cowgirl Boots

A girls gotta have her cowgirl boots! A pair of boots are definitely comfier than heels, and much funner to dance in. Hoedown!

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6. Country Classic

Though if you like a country wedding but want to keep it classic, just fancy it up. A black-and-white country wedding is one way to do it.

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Autumn is just around the corner with falling leaves and a beautiful change in scenery. An outdoor wedding in the country is made all the more beautiful with added special details. Cowboy boots are a must, but for a true country wedding, roll out those bails of hay and  jugs of homemade moonshine. What do you think makes a unique country wedding?

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