The First Look Wedding Photo

We all have seen those classic wedding photos, where the bride sneaks up behind the groom, or the bride and groom hold hands behind a door. These photos actually have a name! Not surprisingly, they are called first look wedding photos. And they are becoming a huge wedding trend.

First look wedding photos are a wedding “controversy”. Some people say they ruin the classic tradition of seeing your bride or groom for the first time at the altar. Others say that the first look wedding photo actually makes the moment more special and is captured on camera. It all depends on what you value!

No matter what you choose, first look wedding photos are definitely a fun addition to any photo album. There are a couple different ways to go about the first look photos. You can do it behind a classy door, in your venue, in a hotel room, right before the altar, etc. You can also include your bridesmaids and groomsmen or even your parents! The options are endless in making this first look moment incredibly special!

Take a look at these beautifully captured moments of a bride and grooms first look wedding photos!










What do you think? Should a new couple do a first look photo? Or stick to sharing the moment at the altar?

Comment and share your thoughts below!

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