Fun Additions for a Fall Themed Wedding!

Fall is now officially in full swing! Weddings in fall can be so beautiful with all the leaves changing and the crisp air. Many people tend to stick to a rustic theme for fall weddings but we are here to tell you that there are so many different themes that you can choose from of your fall wedding! One great theme is simply fall. We have come up with a list of five things that you can use in your fall themed fall wedding!

Apple Cider

Since it is starting to get colder out many people will opt to have their wedding earlier in the day. If that is the case you should be sure to have drinks that are non alcoholic for your guest that like to keep drinking for the night time. The perfect drink for this is apple cider. It is such a staple fall drink and will go perfectly with a fall theme!


Fall colors tend to be on the darker side compared to winter colors! One great color scheme for a fall wedding is navy blue, maroon, and gold. It gives you all the aspects of a fall theme while staying away from greens that will give your wedding more of a rustic vibe. Maroon is also a super popular bridesmaid dress colors so you will have so many options when choosing what you want your bridesmaids to wear!

Pie Bar

Many people actually don’t prefer cake, yet so many people choose to have it as their desert at there wedding! If cake just isn’t your thing consider having a pie bar at your wedding. Not only will you be able to please more people by having various favors but you will also be able to have a desert you really enjoy on your big day. You can choose to have pies that you will slice and give out or you can even serve small personal pies!


Fall marks the beginning of those cold winter nights. If you choose to have your wedding later in the evening having blankets for your guests can be a great touch. Not only will your guests be grateful to have a blanket to bundle up in when it gets cold but they will also really enjoy the personal touch that you added!

Pumpkin Guest Book

Be sure to think of your guest book as you are planning your wedding. Many people get creative with this and try to think outside of using a traditional sign-in book. One super fun way to have your guests sign in is by having them sign a pumpkin! Not only will it go with your fall theme but it also will be super memorable for all your guests!


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