Fun Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Showers are so much fun and something every bride (and her friends) look forward to! Obviously everyone loves the presents, food, decorations, etc. But don’t forget all the cute and funny games there are! We’ve compiled a list of some fun bridal shower games that are sure to be interactive and make your guests feel welcome!

“Put a ring on it” Game is so simple and so fun! Simply, pick two “Wedding” words and guests cannot say those words. As the night goes on, guests will collect rings, whoever has the most rings wins a prize!

Jeopardy! Plain and simple. All you need is some fun facts about the couple, obviously the 500’s will be more difficult questions, but it will be super fun for your guests to guess!

Going off of the first game, this is a super cute idea as well! All you need to do is get some plastic rings and hide them around the house! Person with the most rings wins!

What age was the bride? This game is perfect for using as a decoration and a game! Pic different pictures of the bride at different ages in life and make your guests guess the correct age!

Who did what? This game is super fun when you have members of both sides of the family together. That way they can guess if its the groom or the bride!

What bridal shower games have you played? Any favorites? Comment and share below!

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