Fun & Funky Wedding Cake Bunting Toppers

Whether you think cake bunting is here to stay or a trend… they add that little extra pizazz, and who doesn’t love pizazz on your wedding day! It’s a great cost effective way to personalize and set the mood on your wedding cake. Here are some of our favorites.

What is more adorable than owls? Two owls in love saying “we do”, so sweet!

Let’s introduce Mr. and Mrs. Wooden Bride and Groom. A classic couple in traditional black and white.

wedding cake bunting
A life-sized “just married” sign gives me butterflies, and this lovey mini creation does just the same. Only it will be much easier to pack and keep!

These two cuties are trendsetters! Love her pearls and his specs and bow tie.

cat wedding cake topper
Now I could not resist this one! It’s for the cat lover, the music lover, the romantic and even has some bling thrown in there too. Unique and humorous – perfect!

rustic wedding cake topper
This cake bunting would be lovely for a rustic wedding. It coordinates perfectly with the flowers and cupcakes and we love the little sticks holding up the bunting. Simply charming!

handmade bride and groom cake topper
Beware! This “mini bride” may steal the show with her matching gown. Love it!

vintage wedding cake topper
Searching for a vintage look? Here it is! A romantic silhouette and the detail in this is so much fun.

If you want that little spark for your wedding, something unique, personal and fresh – you really can’t go wrong with cake bunting!

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