Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding

Game of Thrones is without a doubt the best show on television. The final episode of season 6 pulled over 8 million viewers to watch Cersei destroy her enemies, Tommen commit suicide, and Khalessi be a goddess as usual. Since the most recent season has sadly come to an end, we thought highlighting a Game of Thrones inspired wedding would be in order.

Of course none of these weddings are as tragic as the “Red Wedding” (RIP the Starks). However, they are beautifully put together and bring a true feeling of Westeros to the ceremony and reception.

Here are some fantastic ideas on how to put together a beautiful Game of Thrones inspired wedding.

  1. “Wedding is coming” instead of “Winter is coming”

2. Giving each reception table a “House” or Location. (aka House Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, etc.)

3. Some GOT inspired name place cards that are perfectly stamped with the Lannister seal.

4. The perfect GOT inspired cake! (Definitely designed by a Lannister couple)

5. The best man could rock a “Hand of the King” pin.

6. Khalessi Braids!!

7. Beautifully made glasses (thanks to the Dothraki famous saying)


No matter if you are for House Stark, House Lannister, or House Targaryen, I think we can all agree that a Game of Thrones inspired wedding would be amazing no matter what.

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