Getting Your Used Wedding Dress Ready to Sell (Cheat Sheet)

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If deciding to resell your wedding dress after your big day, there are a few things that need to be prepared and decided upon before going forward with the selling process.

Consignment Shop or Online Sale?:

If you opt to sell locally, selling through a consignment shop would be most beneficial. Selling through a consignment shop that specializes in wedding gowns and wedding apparel is your best bet. Gowns will usually sell for about 30-60% off of what you originally paid for. Once the dress has been sold, the consignment shop and the seller will split the sale 50/50.

Selling online attracts a wider audience and typically will you get more money for your gown. If you choose to sell through a company, more likely than not they will either charge you to post your dress, or take a percentage of your total sale. For more ideas of where to sell online, go here.

Clean, Clean, Clean:

Whether you choose to sell online or through a consignment shop, having your dress professionally cleaned is imperative. Most places require that you have your dress cleaned anyways, so you might as well just get it out of the way. Cleaning your gown as soon as possible after your big day will help to remove any dirt or stains that may have occurred. You can read here for more information and tips on how to choose the best dry cleaning service.

How to Package your Gown for Resale:

If you sell your dress through an online company, packaging your dress to alleviate and prevent any damage that could happen in the shipping process is very important. Folding your gown with layers of tissue paper in between is one good way to prevent further wrinkling. Buying a packaging box specifically for wedding dresses is also going to be important. These boxes are large and sturdy enough to protect your gown through its travels. Read here for more information on how to package your gown for resale.

Photographing your Gown:

If posting your dress for sale online, having photographs of your gown that are good quality will help your dress sell quicker. Choose pictures of you in your dress, or even pictures of a model online in your gown. Posting pictures of your wedding dress on the hanger won’t do justice for your sale or for your gown. Having someone in your gown for the photographs will help future brides see just how the dress fits and makes it easier to visualize.

Make Notes of all Alterations:

When selling your gown, make sure you let the buyers know of any and all alterations that have been done to your gown. Letting them know which ones are reversible or not is also helpful. Letting buyers know of any damages that may have been done to your dress is something that needs to be addressed so there won’t be any surprises once their gown arrives, or is bought at the consignment shop.

When to Resell?:

Posting your dress online as soon as possible will be most beneficial. Bringing your gown into a consignment shop after your honeymoon is also smartest. If you are positive that you don’t plan on keeping your gown, selling it soon after your big day will help you get more money for your dress. If you are worried that you will regret selling your wedding dress, think about keeping small pieces, for sentimental reasons. Keeping your veil or any jewelry is one of the easiest things to do, and also won’t take up too much space in your home.

Whether you choose to sell your wedding gown or not, looking into more options than one is important and will help you get the most money from your dress. Consignment shops are most beneficial when trying to sell local, and online resale shops help you attract a larger audience of soon to be brides.

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