Giving Thanks…

Do you have the best friends and family in the world? You know, the ones who don’t care how many times you ask them to look at a wedding dress one more time, listen to another story about where to register, help you book the perfect honeymoon, bring over wine when you want to go over one more detail. Those friends are priceless and appreciated more then they know. Here is a short list to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them.

Card by Kelly Elizabeth Designs

  1. Book a spa day with your bridesmaids. It’s a treat for you and a treat for them!
  2. If you have a program, include a “note of thanks” written by you and your partner to your bridal party and parents.
  3. At the reception, propose a toast from both of you thanking all your friends and family who made the day possible.
  4. Have an area set up as the guests leave to pick up a small token of thanks as they leave.
  5. Provide transportation for your guests the night of so they can enjoy the night until the wee hours with no worry.
  6. Take a picture with each member in the bridal party and include it in a thank you card or gift when the celebration is over.
  7. Include a note of thanks at each table to your guests (see photo above).
  8. Lastly take your time writing those thank you cards for your gifts. The task can be overwhelming but if you do them in small batches your words will flow sincerely.
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