Going to the Chapel and We’re Gonna Get Married

Photo Credit: Every Last Detail

Photo Credit: Every Last Detail

When opting to get married inside a church or a chapel, costs are usually a lot cheaper than other wedding venues may be. But there are often other rules that may need to be accounted for in the planning process.


Traditionally, small wedding parties can rent out a chapel or a church for around $400, the larger the party the larger the bill. Parties with over 300 guests can typically cost anywhere from $900- 3,000 depending on the style of the building and its location.


Most churches and chapels will offer to decorate the entire building for you- for a fee. This can run anywhere from $600- a few thousand dollars at any given time. Also depending on the size of the building and the style of decor that you would like.


Some chapels and churches require that all shoulder and arms be covered. This is another $30 -50 charge to add or alter sleeves on a wedding gown- this also includes sleeves for bridesmaids and the mothers of the bride and groom!


Almost all chapels and churches offer a large discount to those that are members to the church, helping to alleviate some of the stress your wedding budget may have added to you!

Getting married in a church or a chapel is a very special wedding venue to incorporate into your big day. Taking into account wedding costs and venue rules is another important aspect of venue hunting.

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