Got Enough Stuff? Register For Your Honeymoon!

Guest post by Dana at Deposit a Gift for BravoBride

With so many wedding registry choices available, how do you choose what’s right for you? To make things stickier, if you’re in the camp of feeling that you really don’t want or need a lot more ‘stuff,’ like so many of today’s couples are, is there a registry out there for you?

Enter: The Honeymoon Registry. The solution modern-minded couples are flocking to as an alternative to the traditional registry. If you aren’t yet familiar, hunker down and start dreaming about the most romantic trip you’ve ever taken…What better gift could there be than this?

What Is It?

A honeymoon registry is a gift list, the same as you would see at a department store, but instead of a list of pots, pans, linens and towels, it’s a list of:

• Nights in the honeymoon suite

• Breakfast in bed

• Excursions

• Wine at sunset

• A new camera to capture it all!

How Does It Work?

The most important thing to remember is that guests want to enjoy the gift-giving experience, so make it fun for them. The same as they would choose what they like from a list of traditional household items, they’ll want the option to contribute to a specific part of your romantic escapade, which is a lot more fun than donating to a pot. All this means is, try to avoid a blanket request to your honeymoon fund, but rather, tell them a bit about where you’d like to go and break up the trip into parts. Give a little, and you’ll get a lot.

Destination unknown? Don’t fret! You don’t have to share all the nitty gritty details. In fact it’s okay to say that you haven’t made up your mind yet, but instead say that you’re hoping to go somewhere Tropical, like a resort, or Rustic, like the mountains, and then create a list of general gift items that would suit any location…Anywhere you go, you’ll still need transportation, lodging, meals and of course a little pampering! In the end you’ll have the flexibility to spend where, when and how you want.

Will a Honeymoon Registry Work for a Shower?

Modern times call for modern solutions. Yesterday’s kitchen-themed shower is today’s ‘Honeymoon Shower.’ No matter what the theme, the shower host sets the tone. So simply communicate your preference for these types of gifts and let her do the rest. If you use Deposit a Gift for your honeymoon registry, a shower is a snap! Guests can choose to delay the electronic delivery of their gift until the day after the shower (so as not to ruin the surprise), and then bring a printable gift certificate to present in person.

The gift certificate can be presented in a card or in so many other creative ways:

• Encased in a picture frame

• Tucked into in a reusable bag that is perfect for the beach

• Attached to some sunscreen

• Wrapped in some sexy lingerie

Remember, it’s okay to have more than one registry, and if you’ve exhausted all your options for household needs and upgrades, consider registering for honeymoon experiences instead. At some point the china will chip and the sheets will fade, but a memorable trip lasts forever.

Dana Ostomel is the founder and Chief Gifting Officer of Deposit a Gift, a cash gift registry service. Years before Dana got married, she wondered how anyone could store so many presents—and even if they could, how they had the time to unwrap, return (often), track and use them all. Her marketing background led her to believe she could simplify the registry process—and not just for weddings, but for any big gifting event. And so Deposit a Gift, the next generation gift registry, was born. Read more about Dana. Follow Deposit a Gift on Facebook and Twitter.

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