Groomsmen Gifts


Bridesmaids gifts are always important and thoughtful, but let’s not forget the men across the aisle! They put in work too and deserve a little gift as well!

We have come up with some awesome (and manly) gifts for all those guys that have backed up your fiancé for years. Groomsmen gifts are so easy and relatively inexpensive. Plus, your groomsmen will without a doubt appreciate the gesture. You can give the gift on the day of the wedding, the night before, or when you ask them! Whatever works best for your groom.

Always remember to pick a gift that your grooms friends are going to actually use. If they are big drinkers, use something with beer or liquor! If they are more sentimental think about buying something with initials or handmade.

  1. Custom Leather Toiletry Bag

2. Custom Flasks

3. DIY Drink Labels

4. Beer Bottle Opener


5. Custom Pints

6. “Will you be my Groomsmen?” Gift Box

7. Post-Ceremony Cigars

8. Money Clips with Initials


What did you get your groomsmen? Comment and share below!

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