Have a bad wedding photo? It can be fixed.

My Grandma had her wedding photo hanging in the living room and for as long as I could remember she always wished the whole family wasn’t in it. She just wanted her husband, parents and sister.  I went to college for graphic design and learned quite a few Photoshop skills so when my Grandma turned 90 I scanned  her image, took all the extra people out and gave it to her for her birthday. Sixty years later she finally got the wedding picture she always wanted.

Because of my own experience I was so excited to learn about a new company called FIXsuckyPIX. Brett from FIXsuckyPIX does exactly what I did to my Grandma’s photo (although probably a much better job) and more. Brett, who is a professional high-end fashion photo retoucher was inspired to start his business after his own breakup. In trying to make himself happy he realized he could make others happy too. Brett says, “The basic idea behind my business is…life can really suck sometimes but your photography doesn’t have to. A lot of times the most important days of our lives are surrounded by stress. What I want every bride out there to know is that, if they can’t afford an awesome photographer, and they have to use their brother to take pictures with his point and shoot, I will make those pictures awesome…plain and simple.”

And as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Check out his amazing before and after photos. Brett’s rates are also super affordable and he’s offering special pricing in November. A retouched wedding or family photo would make an excellent holiday gift! Click here for more details.

This went from a 'just alright' photo to one that you'd want to frame. Brett took the people out of the background, warmed up the colors and really improved the composition.

No more squinted eye!

Brett combined the two images, took the kids out and adjusted the colors. Check out the groom's new outfit too.

I love how professional the 'after' photo looks. The card names have been changed, the other candle cropped out and the composition and color have been improved.

Brett fixed the horizon and washed out colors in this photo.

This one might be my favorite! The whole perspective on the image has been fixed, miscellaneous items have been removed and the girl's dress has been adjusted.

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