How Easy is it to Sell a Wedding Dress


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After the big day, choosing to sell a wedding dress is one of the most common options brides choose to do with their dress. Instead of letting the dress that you are going to wear one time collect dust in your closet, reselling it to another future bride is one of the easiest decisions and processes. Deciding whether or not to sell your gown online and the safest way to go about doing this, has always been a topic of debate.

Where to Sell Your Gown:

With the vast amount of online resale boutiques, brides have an unlimited amount of choices for where they would like to list their gown for sale. Although everyone has the option of selling their items online through eBay or Craigslist, using a website specifically for reselling wedding gowns is your best bet.

– BravoBride is an online resale boutique for not just your wedding gown, but also bridesmaid dresses, ceremony items, reception items, jewelry, planning items, and party and shower items. With the option to list almost everything used on your big day, you are guaranteed to get the most money back. Especially because BravoBride has a one time listing fee of just $19.95 and charges 0% commission, on top of that, we keep your listing up until it is sold without any additional cost.

– Formerly known as, Tradesy is an online resale boutique that has a specific section for anything wedding related. As one of the safest and well-known wedding dress resale sites, Tradesy takes the stress out of the buying and selling process. Tradesy is “the world’s largest wedding marketplace” and only takes 9% commission from your sale, which is nothing compared to a lot of sites that take over 15%! Because Tradesy takes a small commission from your sale, they allow you to post your listing completely free.

– This site offers one of the largest marketplaces to resell your wedding gown, they offer more dresses than the typical bridal salon. Although this site takes 0% commission from your sale, you must pay $25 to list your gown, which is a nominal fee in comparison to the original cost of your gown. This site also allows buyers and sellers to chat directly with one another throughout the whole process, which helps alleviate a lot of the stress and confusion when selling to another bride-to-be.

– OnceWed is one of the only online listing services that not only allows you to list your dress without a fee, but they also do not take a commission out of your sale. OnceWed also allows the buyer to contact the seller directly through an e-mail service that is similar to that of Craigslist, which helps the seller’s privacy. With an elaborate FAQ section, OnceWed gives their sellers many tips on selling in order to help them be as successful as they can be.

Pro’s and Con’s of Selling Online:

Although selling anything online always comes with it’s own risks, it also allows you to completely control the entire resale process. With a little more effort required to sell a wedding gown online, compared to other miscellaneous items, online boutiques alleviate a lot of the stress and helps brides sell their gowns with ease.


– You can barter in real time with anyone interested in your dress so that you get the best deal.

– Selling through certified wedding resale websites helps to relieve the stress and the sketchiness that can be found through other resale websites.

– You can set up a resell even before your wedding has taken place, this helps to alleviate the stress because you will already have a buyer set up months before hand.

– You can typically get more for your gown than you would if you sold it through eBay or to an in-store wedding consignment shop.


– Selling wedding gowns online takes more effort than selling other items.

– Although you can price your gown yourself, you typically only get around 40-50% of what you paid for it originally.

– Run the risk of being scammed out of money.

Whether you choose to sell your dress online or not, selling it through a trustworthy resale site will always be your safest online option.


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