How much it costs to sell your dress online


As they say, it takes money to make money. So what exactly does it cost to sell your wedding dress online? There are a few factors that go into this.

Selling fees online: Here are BravoBride, we charge a fee of $19.95 to post online. For more information about the specifics, check out our FAQs page. Fee’s on other sites vary from $9.99 to $250 depending on site and the services that come along with that fee. For example, for $250 on Nearly Newlywed, they professionally clean and package your dress, handle all of the social media and sell it online.

Speaking of cleaning… that will be a fee that comes out of your pocket if you want to be able to sell your dress at a higher price. One thing to be wary of if you choose to go to your local dry cleaners is that they might outsource the wedding dress cleaning to a wholesale store where there will be less personalized attention to your dress. Instead, it might be smarter to spend the extra money on a shop that specializes in wedding dresses because they can clean it AND preserve it which will make your dress more attractive to potential buyers. Professional cleaning can be anywhere upwards of $150.

Once your dress is sold… comes the shipping. If you’re selling your dress through a site that handles the shipping for you, you might find that cost added onto your listing fee in which case they won’t advertise it as a shipping fee. However, if you’re selling via a website where they simply sell it but you have to ship it, that cost comes out of your pocket.

If you’re selling your dress via an online store that has an all inclusive price, take a look and see if you’d actually be saving money by paying an all inclusive fee because once all of the costs add up, it can be quite a bit!

Good luck brides!

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