How to be a good best man

Wiping cake from the Groom's face may be one of your duties. Photo by Emma Jane Photography.

Here are some helpful tips from our friend, Chris Easter and to pass on to your fiancée’s best man.

Think being the best man simply means standing next to the groom during the wedding ceremony? Think again. The best man has several important duties to handle before, during and after the wedding. Not sure what the title entails? Don’t sweat – here’s a quick breakdown.

Before the wedding

  • Prior to the wedding day, the best man will be tasked with organizing the bachelor party for the groom. Talk with the groom to see what his expectations are and do your best to serve up an unforgettable last single night out with the guys. Need help? Enlist a couple of other groomsmen to help make the arrangements.
  • Also discuss with the groom if you’ll be expected to give a toast at either the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. If so, you’ll need to set aside some time to work on your speech. To write a great speech, focus on a personal anecdote or two that highlights who the groom is as a person and any heart-felt observations about the couple, rather than dredging up embarrassing stories for shock value. The key is to keep it memorable, yet classy.
  • Part of the best man’s job may also call for helping the groom with planning details, such as arranging the wedding-day transportation or helping with the rehearsal dinner.

On the wedding day

  • On the day of the wedding, the best man serves as the groom’s right-hand man, making sure he gets dressed and to the church or ceremony location on time, administering some liquid courage (not too much, of course) and helping to calm any last-minute jitters. You’ll also be in charge of keeping the wedding rings safe until the ceremony and asked to sign the marriage certificate after the wedding.
  • After the reception, you may be asked to help the bride’s and groom’s families pack gifts into cars or drive the newlyweds to the hotel or airport, so make sure to celebrate responsibly.

After the wedding

  • The day after the wedding, the best man should return the groom’s tux to the rental shop. Make sure to find out the shop’s hours ahead of time, so you’re not charged for an extra day.
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5 Responses to “How to be a good best man”

  1. Jeff says:

    There’s another site for info on The Best Man’s duties called The Groom’s List. It’s great! Lot’s of helpful info, and very easy to follow. Highly recommend it. Check it out:

  2. Louie Rollock says:

    Can we borrow him!? He did an amazing job. Our best man doesn’t do public speaking well at all, sadly.

  3. Nada Flaig says:

    I would keep it at the max. 5minute mark.

  4. Kelle Smale says:

    Can we borrow him!? He did an amazing job. Our best man doesn’t do public speaking well at all, sadly.

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