How to Beat the Summer Sun on Your Wedding!

As June is quickly approaching the heat is slowly creeping up on us. There is no worse feeling than sitting through a wedding ceremony and reception sweating and feeling uncomfortable. This Monday we will be giving some helpful tips on how to beat the summer sun on your wedding! Enjoy!

1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Have a decorated water station at the reception and ceremony so that you guests can get up and get water throughout the event.

2. Don’t make it formal!

Although some people dream of having an incredibly fancy wedding, sometimes the heat is just not worth it. Tell your guests they can wear sundresses and shorts with collared t-shirts. That way people aren’t dying from the sun!

3. Use Tents!

Outdoor weddings are very beautiful, but sometimes the sun is just too much. Try renting tents to allow some shade!

4. Serve a Cool Treat!

If you know it is going to be very hot at your wedding, plan serving a cold treat like an ice cream sundae, frozen yogurt, or root beer float!

5. Change the time!

Instead of having your ceremony at 12pm in the middle of the peak sun hours of the day, push it back to 5 o’clock. Your guests might be having a late dinner, but it is definitely worth escaping the heat. (Plus it makes for some amazing pictures)


Have any tips for summer brides? Comment below!


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