How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet

Thinking about doing your own wedding flowers but don’t know how or where to start? shares a very helpful tutorial with us today. Read on to find out how to create your own beautiful bouquet in no time!

For many brides, “DIY wedding bouquet” is a phrase that gives them the shivers or scares them to death. But, with the help of DIY flower tutorials and calming words, I can assure you that it really is more than do-able, it’s easy! This step-by-step picture tutorial will show you just how easy it is to make your very own wedding bouquet with the help of Blooms by the Box.

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Blow away your guests by creating your own tastefully modern, yet traditional, white rose bouquet using bulk flowers. We’ll take it step-by-step to show you how to make this wonderful bouquet for those precious moments.

DIY wedding bouquet tools
What you need:

1. Floral scissors
2. A sharp knife
3. Green floral tape
4. White ribbon and an accent ribbon of your choice (we’re using a silver
glitter ribbon), 1.5”-3” inches wide
5. Corsage pins
6. Wholesale flowers
25 Cream roses, 50cm (we’re using Rose Vendela)
10 Stems cream spray rose
1 Bunch green hypericum
1 Bunch eucalyptus
1 Bunch white wax flower

Now, we’re going for a classic bridal white bouquet. Feel free to swap out any colors or fillers of your choice!

Flowers Left to Right Top: Hypericum, 50cm Rose Vendela, Wax Flower, Spray Rose, Eucalyptus.

Flower Preparation: When you get your DIY flowers and greens, use a sharp knife to cut the stems on a diagonal. (Don’t use scissors, because they will crush the stems and prevent water from going up to the flowers and leaves!) Place them all in lukewarm water, and keep them in a cool place overnight. If you have roses, you can leave the top packaging on until you’re ready to arrange them. If you are not sure how to prepare wholesale roses for arrangement watch our video on YouTube.

DIY wedding flowers

*Note: (bottom right) See that there is no eucalyptus after the floral tape, just rose stems!

Step 1: Place three roses together and wrap floral tape tightly around the stems (floral tape sticks to itself!). Then, between each rose add a stem of eucalyptus and secure them with floral tape. After the eucalyptus is secure, cut off the eucalyptus bottoms just below the tape. (Do this every time you add eucalyptus).

Step 2: Add three stems of spray roses around the rose “core”, spreading the individual spray rose flowers around the vendelas and the eucalyptus. Secure the flowers with floral tape. Next, add hypericum and wax flower in the same way, securing it with floral tape. (You’re going to be a pro with the tape in less than 2 minutes).

A good rule for arrangement is to use multiples of three (or five for a large bouquet) with each flower. Try to make an even, symmetrical design for the traditional look.

At this point you are building the shape. Continuously check to make sure the flowers are making an even surface before using floral tape to secure it. You can easily remove the floral tape if you need to re-adjust a section. Little steps at a time make it easier.

Step 3: Continue the pattern from Step 2, alternating between your flowers and fillers. To finish up, use the Rose Vendela around the entire outside of the bouquet one time. This will make the finished edge look on the bouquet.

After you have gone one full time around adding roses, tightly wrap more floral tape to secure the bouquet as shown in the above image. This is where you go a little “floral tape crazy” for security.

Step 4: Now get your ribbon, scissors and corsage pins to make the bouquet sleeve. Wrap the white ribbon around the portion of the bouquet that shows the floral tape. Start wrapping the ribbon on a downward diagonal from the top and work your way down the bouquet stems. When you reach your desired bouquet sleeve bottom, wrap upward once or twice to place the end of the ribbon at the center of the bouquet sleeve. Insert the corsage pins on a steep diagonal so that the pin is going in the direction of the stems (this makes it so that pins will not prick your hand…OUCH!). Separate the pins equally from each other inserting them like the first pin for the desired length of the bouquet. This also creates a finished and professional look.

Step Five: Use your accent ribbon to make a bow at the top of the bouquet sleeve you have created. This is a good place for sentimental pendants or any personal design you would like to add to the finished look!

See! It’s really not hard to do! You can make your own wedding bouquet! You can even use this step-by-step process to create bridesmaids bouquets by adding different colors, flowers and accents, or making their bouquets smaller.

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