How to Make our own DIY Photo Booth

How to make your own DIY photo booth

Photo booths are a creative and fun to way to capture all the candid moments from your wedding. Why miss out on moments from your wedding? Your photographer and videographer can only be in so many places at once. Photo booths encourage your guests to have fun and let loose. Professional photo booths can be expensive.  Using a variety of tools including Pinterest, YouTube, paper, scissors, and other materials found at your local hardware store, you too can create a fabulous photo booth!

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Step One : Find the Perfect Spot

Finding the perfect spot is an important step. Your wedding will be busy and everyone is likely to be distracted with everything going on. Place your wedding photo booth in a spot that is easily visible and nobody will miss it or forget.


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Step Two : Build the Backdrop

The backdrop can consist of a large variety of materials. Bring out the streamers, glitter and bright colors for a night of celebration. Amazon is a great place to start while searching for inexpensive photo booth backdrop accessories. Curtains work as an easy solution to cover up big walls. Add some lights, streamer, and fun props to create a fun inexpensive photo booth backdrop.


DIY, wedding, photo booth, props

DIY, Wedding, photo booth, props


Step Three : DIY Photo Booth Props

You do not have to be an artist to create fun and elegant props for your photo booth. BravoBride is here to help you build your perfect DIY photo booth. These black Writable Black Card Board Photographing Props Party Favor are available on Amazon. Bring out the scissors and glue for simple easy to make DIY props.


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Step Four : Old Frame or Chalk Board

Frames and chalkboards are great for telling a story. Chalk boards allow guest to leave notes and tell stories through photos on your special day.

Step Five : Share your Candid Photos!



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