How to Pick the Right Consignment Shop to Sell Your Wedding Dress

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

When making the decision to consign your wedding dress rather than donating it, most brides make this choice in order to recoup some of their initial investment. Choosing the right consignment shop to sell your wedding dress is an important decision that will not only effect the well being of your gown, but also how much you will be making back from your original purchase.

Find multiple consignment shops in or around your area and call them with these questions in mind:

Is an appointment necessary when first bringing my dress in?

You want the answer to this question to be yes. Having your own appointment ensures that you will have the full attention of an employee or manager allowing you to go into detail about your gown and what to expect from their consignment shop.

Will there be a written agreement?

You also want the answer to this question to be yes. With a written agreement, there will be no confusion between the shop and the owner of the dress. If you leave without an agreement and your dress happens to never sell, legally you have just made a donation.

What items are needed in your shop at this moment?

Most consignment shops aren’t that large. Typically they only have enough shelving and hanger space for clothing that is in season right then and there. They may also have a specified area within their shop for designer labelled clothing. Asking what they are accepting will help either alleviate wasting time selling a dress that won’t be prioritized within the shop or will help monopolize the sale of your wedding gown faster.

What are your requirements for receiving clothing?

In a box, or on a hanger? Laundered or not? This question will help you be able to fully prepare your dress when you are bringing it in to be sold.

What is your split?

Typically, most consignment shops will give you 40-50% of the price your wedding dress sells for. Anything less than 40% is not a good idea, and you should be encouraged to look at other consignment shops.

What will happen to my gown if it does not sell?

Asking this question will help you know if their policy will allow you to pick up your dress on your own and take it elsewhere. Some shops automatically donate any clothing that does not sell within a certain timeline. Deciding whether or not you trust a certain consignment shop to make this decision for you is up to you.

When do you pay consignors after their clothing sells?

Asking this question will help you be able to put a timeline on when you should be expecting a check from this company. Writing down the date they tell you will help you remember when you should have been paid should your money not come in a timely manner.

How long have you been in business?

This question is super important. You want to bring your wedding gown to a trusted company that has a well-known, positive reputation. The longer their doors have remained open, the better.

Asking this set of questions should make deciding on a consignment shop easier than you may have thought. Consignment shops are an easy and valid way to get money back from your initial investment on your wedding gown. Make sure that you fully trust a shop before diving head-in to the situation.

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