How to Pick the Right Dry Cleaner for Your Wedding Dress

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When it comes to dry cleaning your wedding dress after the big day, deciding where to take your gown is a big deal. If you take it somewhere that doesn’t specialize in wedding dresses, you risk ruining your gown or paying for a below average cleaning job. So, how do you know if the shop you’re bringing your gown to legitimate?

How to Know if the Shop is Legit:

The easiest way to tell if the dry cleaner you are using is suitable enough to clean your wedding gown, is to physically go into the shop yourself. If the shop offers different cleaning products for different fabric types, it’s likely that the cleaners are educated enough and have dry cleaned enough wedding gowns to not ruin your special dress. Checking their personal website is also a good idea, most websites will have some sort of informational blurb about how they dry clean wedding gowns. Most dry cleaners are not wedding gown specialists, they only count as a specialist if they are dry cleaning over 100 gowns a year, make sure you do your research! If you aren’t sure if certain dry cleaners are suitable enough to do a good enough cleaning job, chances are, they aren’t. Many shops choose to send wedding gowns they receive to a wholesale middleman cleaner, making it more expensive for the bride.

What to Look Out for:

As stated above, it is so important that the dry cleaner you are ensuing your trust in cleans and treats over 100 wedding gowns a year. If they aren’t a specialist, it’s pretty much pointless to bring your gown into this shop, the risks are just too big. Asking about the cleaning methods they use, if they hand clean, and if they pre-treat stains on your gown is essential. Knowing if a certain dry cleaner is educated in fabric types as well as how gowns are constructed is also a very important aspect in the cleaning process. If the specialist asks you to sign a waiver or a release if any damage is done to your gown during the cleaning process, consider it a good thing. As an added bonus, if the specialist offers a warranty, make sure their warranty is for the cost of the dress itself, not for the cost of the cleaning process.

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