How to Prepare Your Wedding Dress for Sale

How to Prepare Your Wedding Dress for Sale

There are a lot of things you can do before you sell to make sure you get the highest price for your wedding dress. Read on to find out what steps to take in order to get your gown ready to be listed!

Step 1: Get It Cleaned

Cleaning is the first step, and one of the most important. A professional cleaning process will greatly improve the likelihood of a sale. This is especially important if any stains or marks have appeared on the dress since it was purchased. However, even if your dress doesn’t appear soiled, it is still important to clean it for the next wearer. Cleaning will make your dress more hygienic and more appealing to potential buyers. Most dry cleaners are able to clean your wedding dress for you.


Step 2: Mend Any Tears

The next step is to check for any damage. If you find rips, tears, snags, or other problems with the structure of your dress, we highly recommend having them mended before posting it for sale. This will increase the value of your dress and make it more attractive to buyers. Many small issues (loose beads, undone threads, etc.) can be fixed at home with a needle and thread. However, for larger issues (undone seams, rips in fabric, etc.) we suggest taking your dress to a professional seamstress.


Step 3: Find Original Receipts and Packaging

If you have already thrown away proof of purchase or original packaging, don’t fret: your dress can still be resold for at the same value as without. However, it never hurts to have proof that the dress you are selling matches the description you provide for it. This is especially true if you are looking to sell a designer dress. Receipts and original packaging affirms to buyers that they are really receiving a designer gown rather than an imitation. Having receipts and packaging will not affect the value of your gown, but it will make it more appealing to potential buyers.


Step 4: Take Informative, High Quality Photos

This is perhaps the most important step to getting your dress ready for sale. What makes gowns most attractive to buyers are high quality photos that show multiple angles and aspects of the gown. When taking photos of your gown, make sure that you are using a high resolution camera (most smart phone cameras will do) and that the dress is being photographed in space well lit with natural light. This will ensure that the color of your dress is represented accurately, and that your buyers can see your dress clearly. Make sure to get multiple angles of your dress, including back and front views, and take close up photos of any important details, such as beading or lace. If possible, include photos of a yourself or a mannequin wearing the dress, so that buyers can see the way that the dress will look when worn, rather than just on a hanger. Many women simply use some of their wedding photos. Having high quality, informative photos will give you the best chance of making a high sale.

For examples of wedding dress postings, try looking through postings at BravoBride. We wish you the best of luck selling your gown!

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