How to Price your Used Wedding Dress

Pricing Your Used Wedding Dress

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Want to share your wedding dress with other brides? Bravo Bride is the largest online marketplace for all wedding items! Selling your wedding dress after your big day can equal a big chunk of change back in your pocket for a dress you will only wear one time. Let BravoBride help you get the most back for your gown.



How old is the dress?

The best way to maximize your dress value is to sell it right after your wedding. It will increase the chance of selling while the style is still current and popular. If your dress is a designer and is still in showrooms, other brides will fall in love with it and be excited to pay less than retail price. This will also increase the chances of the dress appearing in searches. Price is fairly for its market value. Don’t be afraid to sell a dress from the 80’s or 90’s. They’re considered vintage!

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Make sure you write down who the designer is and the style of dress. The condition of the dress is an important detail, so save your receipt because the cost of the dress will decrease in value over time. After the first wedding, the resale price of a gently worn dress drops nearly in half. It continues to decreases in value over multiple transactions.

Include information about the dress designer, neckline, color, bust size, waist size, and size on the label. Assume that the buyer won’t know anything about the dress until you tell her.


Your pictures are the best way to showcase your dress. Provide several photos and a detailed description so the buyer can fall in love the way you did. Use photos that are close up of any details. Photos of your wearing the gown will give a better idea to the buyer of the condition of the dress.

Pictures of a gown on a hanger will do the dress no justice.


Has your dress been cleaned?

When it comes to dry cleaning your wedding dress after the big day, deciding where to take your dress is a big deal. If you take it somewhere that doesn’t specialize in wedding dresses, you risk ruining your gown or below average cleaning job. BravoBride is here to help you know if the shop you bring your gown to is legitimate.

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