How to price your used wedding dress

Photo Credit: Bridal Musings

Photo Credit: Bridal Musings

If you’re in the market to sell your dress then you’re in luck! The spring months is the busiest time for online dress shopping as everyone is gearing up for all those June weddings. While buying the dress can seem like a daunting task and can get quite expensive, selling the dress can be a just as confusing process.

There are three main things to consider when pricing your wedding gown to sell online; original price; condition; designer.

Original price: your dress probably cost you quite the pretty penny and you’re looking to counteract the costs of the entire wedding by selling the dress… selling your dress between 50% and 75% off the original price is a great starting point in price and will be a great price to advertise online. Depending on the designer and condition you could consider selling it at a higher price but keep in mind that when brides are shopping, they are taking into consideration that it is a used dress.


Photo Credit: Mod Wedding


Condition: It is highly recommend that you get your dress professionally cleaned and/or preserved after the big day. This will put other brides minds at ease when shopping as they won’t have to take care of finding a local cleaner and you can sell at a high price.

Designer: Look into the average price of other dresses by the same designer. The higher end the designer is, the more women will be willing to pay. Additionally, take a look at other used dresses by the same designer. You want to be able to offer potential customers a fair and consistent price; not too expensive and not too cheap or else they’ll think its too good to be true!

Getting ready to sell your dress can be a daunting task. For more help on getting started or the top sites to sell your dress online, check out our recent blog posts. BravoBride is your one stop shop for all the useful information you need to get started!


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