How To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

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While parting with your wedding dress may be difficult, the below list should make it easier by giving you some useful tips on how to properly sell your preowned wedding dress online.

1. After your big day, get the dress properly cleaned at your local dry cleaners or at a specialty store that specializes in wedding gown cleaning and preserving. By taking the extra step of preserving the wedding gown you may be able to raise the price on your dress when selling it online.

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2. Identify via which online venue you’d like to sell your wedding dress. Sites like eBay may charge a small fee depending on the item you’re selling. Make sure that you identify any hidden fees before singing up to sell on the website of your choice.

It’s better to find an online store that specializes in used wedding dresses or all things bridal because they’ll help you best market and price your dress. Another viable option is to go via Craigslist which will minimize and/or avoid all shipping costs while keeping all of the cash profit immediately.

3. Create your post! Most brides will include a photo of the dress on them or hanging so that potential buys can get a visual of how the dress photographs in certain lighting. Make sure to include any measurements available besides the dress size so that women off all shapes and sizes can best determine the fit.

4. Pack and ship! Make sure to insure your gown in case in gets lost or damaged in transit and pay for signature delivery confirmation so that you will know the recipient received it.

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