How to Ship Your Wedding Dress in 5 Steps

How to Ship Your Wedding Dress in 5 Steps


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When selling your wedding dress, it is important to take steps in order to protect your gown from damage during the shipping process. Improper packaging, storage, or labeling can result in problems both for you and your buyer. Read on to learn about the five steps you must take in order to protect your wedding dress from damaged in the mail.

Step 1: Find Appropriate Packaging

The first step in shipping your wedding dress is choosing an appropriately sized cardboard box. While lower costs may tempt you to purchase and envelope, shipping your dress in a cardboard box will ensure that your dress arrives safely, as it will not tear in the shipping process. When considering dimensions, look for a box that easily (but snugly!) contains your dress once it is folded. You do not want to purchase a box that is too large for your dress, as this increases shipping costs. However, purchasing a box that is too small will cause you to force the dress into the packaging, running the risk of damaging the material. As a starting point, try looking at boxes in the 24 x 18 x 5 in. to 18 x 16 x 9 in. range. However, the best boxes for a wedding gown tend to be similar to this one on Amazon. Not only is the size just right, they also include acid free tissue paper to wrap your dress with to help alleviate any damage that may happen in the shipping process.

Step 2: Fold Your Dress

The next step is to fold your dress. The dress should be folded in a way that makes sense for the dress’s cut and style. Be careful with this step, as trying to force your dress into an unnatural shape could damage the material. Your dress should fit easily into your box once it is folded. If you feel you have to force the dress into the box, you may need to refold your gown or find a more suitable box.

Step 3: Cover Gown in Plastic

It is inevitable that during the shipping process, your package will be exposed to water and dirt. To keep the water and dirt from damaging your dress, we recommend covering your dress or its packaging in protective plastic. This will fortify the box and the gown against potential stains or water damage.

Step 4: Seal Gown in Box

At this point, you are ready to place your gown in the box. All flaps and seams in the packaging should be covered with packing tape. This, too, will guard against damage to your dress during the shipping process.

Step 5: Place Shipping Label

To address your box, write all information clearly on a piece of printer paper and attach it to the box using clear packing tape. The packing tape should be applied over the top of the information, to make sure that it doesn’t get smudged or blotted out in the shipping process. This will protect the mailing directions from water damage. Keep in mind that once you have purchased your stamp, it will need to be applied to the top right corner of the box, and that any important information should be written in the center or to the left of the surface to keep it from being obscured.

Final Tips

  1. Use an Online Price Calculator to Estimate the Cost of Shipping

Many websites offer an online calculator that can predict the cost of your shipment. You can use this to help determine the most cost-effective form of packaging.

  1. Insure Your Package for the Price of the Dress

Insuring your package will ensure you are not liable to pay for any damages caused during the shipping process. Note: the insurance price of your package should be the price you sold the gown for, not its original retail value.

  1. DHL is Best for International Shipping

  2. Request that a Signature is Required Upon Delivery

Requesting a signature upon the arrival of your package will keep the deliverer from the package on the porch for extended periods of time. This can protect against theft.


Good luck shipping your package! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at


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