How to Ship Your Wedding Dress


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If choosing to ship your wedding dress for your big day or if you choose to resell it afterwards, learning how to ship it is one of the most important aspects. Because wedding dresses be easily damaged in the process of shipping, preparing your gown to be transferred to your venue or to another soon-to-be bride is essential.

How to Package your Dress:

– Using a sturdy, durable dress shipping box is probably the most important step of the entire shipping process. Make sure to choose a box that fits your dress just right, if you choose a box too big you risk raising the shipping costs, and if you choose a box too small you risk damaging your dress. Boxes in the 24 x 18 x 5 to 18 x 16 x 9 range should fit most dresses perfectly.

– Fold your wedding dress in a way that makes sense for your dresses style. Folding it too tightly may end up damaging your dress; folding it in an organized fashion that also fits within your box is your best bet.

– Use plastic to cover your dress once you’ve folded it. This will help reduce the risk of dirt ending up on your gown during the shipping process.

– Seal all flaps of the box with strong mailing tape.

– Place the shipping label on top of the box, but not over the tape so that it won’t fall off during the mailing process.

Other Important Tips:

– Shipping costs always vary on the size and weight of the package you’re shipping along with how far you’re shipping your dress. To get a ballpark idea of the cost, most shipping websites carry their own shipping estimate calculators for their customers to use.

– Insure your dress for its true value, not for the price that you bought it for. This way, in case anything happens during the course of the shipment, you won’t be liable to pay for any damages that may incur or have to reimburse the buyer if the dress ends up lost.

– If choosing to ship your dress internationally, DHL has been the most trusted company for this job.

– Ask the mailing company to require a signature when delivering the dress, that way you can alleviate the stress and worry of leaving a dress on the front porch of someone’s home.

What Shipping Box Should You Use?:

Ordering a shipping box that includes either plastic or tissue paper is always a plus.

Using a box like this is one of the better options, because not only is the size just right, they also include acid free tissue paper to wrap your dress with to help alleviate any damage that may happen in the shipping process.

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