How to Use Social Media at Your Wedding

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As we all know, using the #hashtag is the new way of online communication. In the last 2 years it has now become a trend in the wedding industry. We absolutely love it and want to show you how you can incorporate your very own #hashtag to your wedding!

Why do it? Having a hashtag at your wedding can be the best way for all of your guests to post pictures of you and your handsome groom and for you to be able to find those pictures with the tap of a button! Having your guests use the hashtag will eliminate all that time searching through your Instagram, Facebook, and twitter feeds.

How to do it? First you have to come up with a clever hashtag name, whether it be your groom’s last name, a combination of your names, it really can be whatever you want it to be! Just remember it needs to be short, sweet, and easy to remember, so your guests keep using it throughout the night!

How to get people to use it? Simple! You can put it on your wedding announcements, wedding invitations, napkins, and maybe even a little decorative poster before people walk into the ceremony and reception. Just be sure never to over do it!

But what if I want my ceremony to be tech free? No problem! Just be sure to have your officiant announce to the attendees to hold their posts until after the ceremony is over. That way you can stay tech free, and still enjoy the benefits of the #hashtag!

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